How to Design the Stylish Dining Room? Color and Model Selection

When designing your dining room, can not decide on the choice of models and colors? We tried to explain what should be considered in the design and decoration of the dining room. The fact that the houses consisted of increasingly smaller areas caused radical changes in our lives as well. Our kitchens have become tiny, in some houses the kitchens had to be a part of the halls because they could not find a room for themselves. Some kitchens have been turned into a workbench consisting of only one wall. In many houses, the areas where only the kitchen cabinets and the counter are located on the entree were replaced by the kitchen. As this is the case, separate rooms for eating and private rooms began to be created.

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We wanted to share with you the information such as whether a special room is needed or some part of the hall or any room can be converted into a dining room.

The dining room can be an empty room for dining and consisting of a dining table and chairs. Dining rooms in most of the houses abroad have such a concept. There are only dining tables and chairs inside, and not much other furniture. However, for this you need to have many rooms in your home or a sufficient number of rooms. If the situation is not suitable for you, you should also use your dining room as a guest room or another room. So instead of just decorating your room from the dining table and chairs, you can put a lot of things into it.

Almost everyone has a huge hall in their home. It is also very easy to decorate some of these halls as dining rooms. If you want, you can clearly separate the dining room and the living room by placing a room divider, such as a library, in the middle of this room.

How Should Be the Selection of Items for Dining Room Decoration?

Dining rooms can be decorated in two ways. Your first option is to turn a private room into a dining room. The second choice is to divide your living room with the right furniture and create a special area for dining. Choosing furniture according to the space allocated for food is the first step to ensure you get the most accurate result. Although the dining table and chairs are indispensable for a dining room, pieces such as console, showcase and buffet are completely shaped according to your wishes and needs. Since shorter and wider consoles replace cabinet type consoles today, you can easily choose a suitable console even if your space is small. The remaining items can be selected according to your current space and needs.

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Furniture Placement in Dining Rooms

When placing items in the dining room, you must first start with large pieces. The item you should place first should be the dining table. If you wish, you can place your dining table in the middle of the area you have arranged. Since the dining tables placed in front of the windows also have a very spacious and bright area, this type of settlement is also frequently preferred.

If you have a window with a view, you can place the dining table by the window to enjoy the view on the dining table. It is important to save space in small areas by the table on the windowsill.

If the dining table will be in the middle of the room, you should make sure that it is in line with the parts such as console or mirror. The dining table, which is aligned with the console or mirror, makes the area look larger. Since the use of mirrors in narrow spaces will contribute to making the room look larger, it is very important to align the mirror with the furniture.

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Color Selection in Dining Room Decoration

Bright colors are generally preferred for dining room decoration. Of course, it is possible to use different colors according to the style of the dining room furniture. You can choose appetizing colors in the dining room. Orange, yellow and red shades can easily be preferred in dining room design as they create an appetizing effect on humans. Dining room furniture is wood-colored, and country-style furniture, you can choose colors from nature such as broken white, light brown, blue and green in decoration. If you have modern dining room furniture with minimalist lines, you can create an energetic space by using bright and vibrant colors in decoration, as these furniture are usually in black or white tones. With the right color selection, you can show the living area wider than it is. Do not forget to use the wide area feeling that the reflection will give by strengthening the color you choose with glass accessories.

Attention to Furniture Dimensions

When choosing a dining room suitable for your living space, you should definitely make sure of the dimensions. Considering how to open the console covers, you should definitely consider whether you can be comfortable with the open cover size, and calculate the remaining space when you place your table and chairs. If you are going to use a small area as a dining room, bench table sets and consoles with sliding doors offer you functional solutions. With these parts, you can minimize the use of space.

Use the Lights at the Right Points

For lighting solutions, a chandelier on the dining table or a floor lamp placed next to the console offer different and stylish solutions. For bright and spacious areas, you can place lampshades in different parts of your dining room. If you want to obtain a more flamboyant area, you can prefer large chandeliers that can be hung on the dining table.

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