Modern and Stylish Home Decoration Ideas

Your home, which is the first place that comes to mind when it comes to living space, should always have a peaceful atmosphere. Besides peace, it should reflect the style you love in decoration. Things go easier for those who want a modern look. Simplicity, finesse and measured use are important in modern home decoration. Interior designers who have done effective work in home decoration work give important tips to those who want to decorate their home in this way. Regardless of whether the house is small or large, modern decoration that everyone can apply makes the living spaces look more spacious than they are due to the colors used. Here are the decoration tips requested from interior architects for modern life;

Modern Decorating

Light colors and wood details

You can benefit from the natural, soft atmosphere of wood in the items or materials you will use at home. In the general colors of the house, using very light shades such as white and sand beige supports the wood. When wood and light colors come together, it helps you spend time peacefully in every corner of your home with its simple and balanced appearance. Since wood adapts to many colors and styles, you can easily switch to different colors in a decoration dominated by wood.

Original wall shelves

After the wall design is supported with colors, it is time for rack systems. Shelves that can be used for bookshelves or objects move away from classical lines and appear in more modern, original, different forms. Wouldn't you like to have a mini or large library in a spiral shape? Do not forget that if you want to make a wall decoration, you can wait for a very wide range and even realize the design in your mind.

Wall Shelves Ideas

Game & Reading & Viewing Corners

You can make a corner pleasure area according to the volume of the room while designing a study room or living room. When you make a polite, elegant corner, you can take your readings, support your passion for the game or continue your series - movie pleasure. Modern tips of corners have very interesting and functional features. You can create a corner where you will relieve your stress by choosing colors that will adapt to your home decoration work.

Simple and Peaceful Decoration

If you like a simple, peaceful, monochromatic decoration, we recommend that you get interior architecture support. Even complex work becomes practical thanks to online interior architecture. If you like modern architecture dominated by only white, black or gray, you can take advantage of more minimalist approaches.

The general feature of modern home decoration ideas is its simplicity and cool appearance.

Simple and Peaceful Decoration

All lines used should be minimal and thin. In some parts, blending with classical decoration will add a slight warmth to your decoration style. But my personal opinion is that you don't kill the effect of that minimalism.

You should definitely choose light colors in your furniture. Your furniture lines should be sharp, embroidered or furniture with more than one contrasting color will adversely affect a modern home decoration.

The most obvious criterion is that white is prioritized. Because white is a must for a modern and minimal home decoration.

Do not use too many ornaments. Exaggerated ornaments and decoration items are enough to spoil the air of modern look. Even if you consider using it in small quantities, you should prefer white, gray tones and black, not colors that are eye-catching. Also, the size of your ornaments should not be large.

Recently, modern geometric pattern pillows have become very fashionable in living room decorations. You can choose these geometric patterned pillows. Again, your preferred colors should be in shades of gray and white.

Modern home decorations are most preferred by people who do not like the crowd, work intensely and come to the house to rest only. At the same time, modern home decorations preferred by young couples offer a comfortable and comfortable layout. Because your belongings are at a minimum level, they always display a collective and orderly appearance.

Choosing sharp objects in your lighting will be a complementary factor in your living room combination. Or you can create it in a dim environment with led lights instead.

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