10 Best Art Nouveau Decorating Style Interior Design Ideas

What is Art Nouveau Decoration

Decoration is perhaps an area that has been in constant change since people started living in homes. Just like fashion, decoration trends are changing day by day and decoration style, which is a period trend, can be found out of fashion after a period. There are many decoration types that have been influential from time to time in the world. One of the most well-known among these is Art Nouveau, one of the decoration styles that emerged in the 19th century. Although it emerged in the 19th century, Art Nouveau, which is still used today and is a very elegant decoration style, is seen as one of the favorite decoration styles of many people with its small details. So we shared 10 best Art Nouveau decor interior designs.

Art Nouveau Decor

The Art Nouveau decoration style is not suitable for everyone. It is a beautiful style that requires a lot of dedication to do it properly. To better understand the Art Nouveau style, it is necessary to look at the 19th century. At that time, neoclassicism was very influential in interior architecture. Historiography was the order of the era and Art nouveau emerged in response to traditional art styles. Between the 1890s and 1910s, the art Nouveau decoration style appeared in London and Paris, and it was aimed to incorporate art and design into everyday life. Even functional objects have been beautified and turned into works of art.

Art Nouveau Decor Interior Design Living Room

The art nouveau style appeared and attracted attention in the 1910 Paris Exposition Universelle, although it was still considered quite avant-garde and revolutionary at the time. Those living in the Victorian age considered this style to be a very exaggerated style and were horrified by Art Nouveau's overly detailed design understanding.

Art Nouveau Decor Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Different art styles influenced Art Nouveau. Art nouveau is a style that can be applied to many artistic fields such as Celtic art to Japanese, architecture, decoration and fine arts and jewelry, glassware and drawings. In addition to Art nouveau furniture, Art nouveau accessories have become popular forms of interior decoration.

Art Nouveau Decor Style Bathroom

Despite taking different names in different countries, the movement that spreads around the world is known as Stile Liberty in Italy, Jugendstil in Germany, Sezessionstil in Austria and Tiffany in America.

The iconic style of art consisted of floral motifs, long curved lines, strong linear shapes and feminine silhouettes. Like all art movements, nouveau has fluctuated in popularity. The Art Nouveau, which found itself pushed out of the trends in the 1920s when the Art Deco movement emerged, showed a short revival in the 1960s.

Art Nouveau Decorating Style Dining Room

Both elongated curves and linear shapes have always been an important part of nouveau art. Charles Rennie Mackintosh was known for its Art Nouveau designs of this period, and many jewels influenced by its design style are still produced today. Most of the Art Nouveau design inspirations are from nature. Stylized flowers, spider webs and feathers used extensively in wallpapers and furniture are the most prominent pieces of this decoration style.

Beautiful Art Nouveau Decorating Style Interior Design Ideas

Art Nouveau Art Movement, the first foundations of which were laid in England, means an internationally decorative style. It has emerged with different names in different parts of Europe. Art Nouveau Art Movement, which is regarded as a design revolution, shows a unique character in every country. Art Nouveau Art Movement, which basically adopts opposition, is composed of elements of a single movement that aims to change above all.

How Do You Decorate Art Deco Easily

Although applying the Art Deco style to a modern house may seem difficult, it is possible to carry this magnificent style to the interior even with only a few details. For example, you can add Art Deco nobility to your home furnished in a modern style by using gold colored decorative objects frequently used in American mansions of the 20s and 30s and wall laths that will save the walls from monotony.

Best Art Nouveau Decor Dining Room

To blow the Great Gatsby winds in your home, you don't necessarily have to replace all your furniture with vintage furniture from those years. Instead of realizing this radical change, you can replace the dark colored matte flooring of your home with glossy surfaces such as marble and granite to obtain the glam, which is the chief element of the Art Deco style. You can replace your modern wall lamp with a classic chandelier decorated with crystal stones in order to strengthen this style, which is also inspired by light reflections.

Classy Art Nouveau Interior Design Ideas

Modern Art Nouveau Decor Interior Design Ideas

Modern Art Nouveau Decorating Style Bedroom Design

One of the most important elements of the Art Deco style is the bold and assertive patterns that make all other textures a 'backdrop'. You can use an animal skin patterned rug or beanbag, which you can easily combine with your Scandinavian style sofa set, to apply this style, which is especially used in damask and animal skin patterns, to your modern home.

Modern Luxury Art Nouveau Decorating Bedroom Ideas

Art Deco style is of course not mirrorless! Your mirrors are not just on the walls; Inspired by this style, which is generously used in furniture, accessory coatings and even floors, you can transform one or more pieces of the bedroom suite, which carries simple lines, with mirror effect paints, or use several pieces of furniture with mirror coating and use it in various places in the house.

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