Tips and Tricks Of The Right Home Decoration Without Spending Wealth

Today, we will give you such tricks that you will never forget it and always come to your mind when you are unstable and do not know what to do and how.

That color is compatible with that color, this furniture is more than it should be here. Tricks you have never heard from anyone before.

Yes, the basis of our trick is to take nature as an example in this business. Undoubtedly, everything was created with a flawless order, a unique beauty, perfect color harmony. Therefore, we take the example of nature in home decoration.

Home decoration tips, decoration tips and tricks

     • When we examine the nature, the color tone used opens up as it is removed from the ground. For example, the earth is brown, the mountains are gray, the sky is light blue. So we have to use this method in our home as well.

We use dark color on the home floor, lighter color on the walls and even lighter color on the ceiling.

     • Which color is not compatible with which color? Look at the flowers, the colorful birds immediately. Have you ever seen a flower in ugly, incompatible colors !!!!!!!!

     • When you examine the landscapes, you don't see too many colors together, do you? Two colors and vivid colors that are compatible with each other are always in a highlight or complementary task. The main colors are always soft colors. You should use vivid colors carefully and in the right dose in decoration.

     • At what we call the horizon, our eyes cannot see much other than flatness. The horizon line of our houses are our windows and walls. Therefore, do not bring your belongings closer to the walls and windows, but there is a gap.

     • Whatever view you look at, everything is compatible with each other. For this reason, your belongings in your room should also have the same style of furniture compatible with each other.

    • In nature, consider aghas or the mountains as your furniture, flowers, fruits as accessories. Trees, mountains are more fruits, flowers are less. Make sure you use a small number of accessories without exaggerating the use of accessories.

     • The sun illuminates the world during the day. Let your homes shine with the sun, the most beautiful light is natural light. Therefore, use thin curtains.

Everyone wants to design according to the taste of their living space and their dreams. The easiest skipped detail in a house decoration is lighting. However, lighting elements add warmth to the living area and provide a decorative appearance.

     • You should use black and white as the base for color selection. It will never go out of style, especially when used with a good combination. Moreover, these base colors remain constant and you can use the tones that are fashionable or you like together.

     • Using too many and small accessories makes your home scattered, and it also tire your eyes. Choosing large vases, large floor mats and footed candle holders instead of small home accessories will make your place look more elegant. By using large-scale accessories, you will not only have created a style in your home, but you have not spent a lot of money on things. Accessories and materials stacked in your home will be a burden only for you. Instead, you should prefer items that really fit inside you and match the decoration of your home.

     • Never choose standard art products that can be found in everyone's home. Instead, you can activate your creativity. You can make a collage painting you will make from postcards in your home. Or an accessory you create by evaluating obsolete throwing objects in your home will create a much more warm and sincere appearance.

Do not throw away the old fabrics, invest in the curtain

• Prefer simple models when choosing a sofa, it can adapt to any decoration style. You can use a sofa with a zigzag spring, a feather or a fiber filling for 10-15 years.

• If you have windows in the most prominent place of your living room, it is necessary to invest in the curtain. Choosing a non-fading fabric and a durable, easily degradable and useful hanging system will save you a lifetime.

• Do not throw away old fabrics. If they are big enough, you can renew the face of your seats, which you can get bored after a while, with these fabrics.

Paint wooden items, sew decorative covers

• If there are pieces of wood left over from your old belongings, instead of throwing them away, you can turn them into a stylish coffee table, bedside table or even a tray.

• You can paint your wooden items and sew decorative covers. Furniture that will fit every home is modern furniture. If your home is likely to change, don't just choose furniture for that home.

• Finally the bathroom… If you buy a quality and durable white sink, you can use it for many years without any problems. Although glass or other unusual forms, which are very fashionable nowadays, are very attractive, they can go out of fashion very quickly. If you want to avoid expense in the long run, do not opt ​​for these models.


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